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NEXT EVENT: 28th November - 2nd December 2022

A Virtual Event Series by:

Next Talking Telecoms Week will take place on 28 November – 2 December 2022

Presenting candid conversations with telco experts on the key talking points raised by executives, strategists and technical innovators tasked with developing and optimising our networks.

Session timings will be available soon, but you can register now via the form below and you will be send details and access information as soon as these become available.

  • Private 5G Networks
  • Monetising the Metaverse
  • How Customer Experience is Driving Innovation
  • Analytics, AI and Automation
  • Access Tech
  • NETco and ServiceCo – is this the way all telcos will go?
  • Network Transformation: Telcos and the Hyperscalers
  • Edge
  • Has Open RAN overrun its window of opportunity?
  • Satellite
  • Sustainability
  • Security
  • What’s coming down the line for telcos in 2023?
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Confirmed Sessions:

Monetising the metaverse - with Vodafone Business and LotusFlare

  • Beyond connectivity, what are the opportunities for operators in the metaverse?
  • What do they need to do to ready themselves for the metaverse?
  • When will the metaverse really take off?
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Private 5G Networks - with BT and Red Hat

  • How hard is it to bring operational tech and IT together?
  • Are operators being left out of private networks?
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Sustainability - with A1 Slovenija and ENEA

  • Is the hype creating yet more hot air?
  • What is telecoms’ role in making other sectors more sustainable – will this become an important market/selling point for operators?
  • As the number of antennas for 5G and future Gs proliferate, how are telecoms going to become greener?
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Sessions in Development:


  • The next G will take us into terahertz and sub-terahertz territory: edge computing will be built in, so we won’t think in terms of access, edge and core any more, but as the network being a distributed compute resource.
  • What do we need it for?
  • How will we develop the analytics, AI and compute resource to run it?
  • Will it be a single global standard and does it matter if it’s not?

Has Open RAN overrun its window of opportunity?

  • How tough is it to address the issues around integration and security?
  • When will Open RAN become a platform for innovative new operational and even business models?
  • Where will Open RAN be in 2030?

How customer experience is driving innovation

  • Why is network data is an increasingly large component of CX?
  • How does the focus on CX impact operators’ tech strategies?
  • Is AI making a big impact or is it still early days?


  • How well are operators tackling the huge enterprise and consumers market opportunities, propelled by working from home and hybrid workplace models?
  • Why are security solutions so user unfriendly?
  • Why can’t operators do better at detecting malicious intent?


  • How important will satellite become for mobile, and especially 5G?
  • How soon will satellite become a part of the 5G communications ecosystem?
  • Who will foot the bill?

Access tech

  • Will fibre be the answer to gigabit broadband speeds everywhere?
  • Are we in danger of duplicating infrastructure rather than making gigabit broadband universal?
  • Will operators infrastructure build-out programmes be affected as consumers cut back on communications in response to the rising cost of living?